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RemoteLink 2.5

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Data Delivery

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Operational efficiency



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Store Polling & Beyond

…easily moving business-critical data

Key Features

Intuitive Automation

Easily define jobs to automate business-critical processes using a straightforward, yet flexible web-based admin interface.

Efficient Delivery

Meet increasing transfer demands by leveraging high-performance differencing and built-in transport optimizations to minimize connection times.

Complete Visibility

Benefit from end-to-end traceability of file delivery activity to quickly see what will happen, what is happening and what has happened.

Granular Control

Specify schedules, parameters and conditions for data delivery as well as and who has the ability to define work and control activities in the system.

How RemoteLink Works

RemoteLink makes it easy to automate and monitor the flow of operational data and provides a critical foundation for many business processes. It intelligently streamlines the bi-directional delivery of various types of data, including sales reports, inventory data, field maps and even software and configuration files.

An efficient, reliable solution to deliver business-critical data.

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