Simplifying Operational Data Delivery

RemoteLink uniquely enables critical processes and operational data delivery & retrieval.

Key Capabilities

Intelligent Delivery

Efficiently deliver files, software patches, and content across high numbers of distributed endpoints. Provide central management of data delivery and collection with significant scalability and embedded capacity controls.

Robust Scripting

Build robust, yet intuitive scripts to support end-to-end delivery automation. Leverage an extensive list of script events that helps manage pre- and post-delivery activities and other operational tasks.

Intuitive Automation

Easily define jobs to automate business-critical processes using a straightforward, yet flexible web-based admin interface. Support triggering workflows based on server and client conditions.

Complete Visibility

Benefit from end-to-end traceability of file and software package delivery activity to quickly see what is planned, what is occurring, and what has already executed.

Granular Control

Specify schedules, parameters and conditions for data delivery and management activities. Control who has the ability to define work and executed activities in the system.

Events and Alerts

Generate events from key administrative and operational activities. Trigger alerts with external notification capabilities (SMTP and/or Syslog) based on rules linked to the type or quantity of raised events.

Solution Foundations

Modern Architecture

Built using modern tools and techniques with a focus on minimizing server resources, limiting points of failure, and optimizing performance … all while supporting hundreds of simultaneous connections per server.

Straightforward Implementation

Easily installed and configured, RemoteLink can be implemented and deployed to help transition from legacy systems and solve new operational data movement challenges quickly and efficiently.

Superior Support

Experience prompt and knowledgeable support from a dependable support group that has both extensive industry and outstanding technical support experience.

How It Works


Jobs are the vehicles for defining what, when and for whom work will be performed and are at the core of how RemoteLink works. Once created, a sophisticated queueing system efficiently manages each Job through the execution phase. RemoteLink’s intuitive, web-based administrative console makes it easy to configure a Job, monitor and review its activity from beginning to end.

Configure – Task Script Editor

For work to take place, Jobs and their associated components must first be constructed and configured.



Ascribe values to custom Client attributes that can then be used within Tasks or to drive Group membership.



Manually assign Clients to groups or allow membership to be managed by a set of defined criteria.



Configure pre-defined scripting statements to build powerful delivery and automation processes.



Create schedules, parameters and conditions for how and when specific Tasks are executed for Groups/Clients.
Configure > Jobs

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Monitor - Active Job Details

Monitor > Active Jobs

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Jobs are automatically added to the execution queue based on their schedule, and can be easily monitored and controlled.


Active Jobs

Observe the progress of each Job in the queue and drill down to see the status of each associated Client.


Active Sessions

View all active communication sessions between the Server and the Client.


Upcoming Jobs

View and manage future Jobs as well as add Jobs to the execution queue.

Review - Job History

After Jobs have executed, information regarding the specific activities conducted is available for review.


Job History

Access the execution results for each Job, including the completion status for each associated Client.


Session Logs

Examine a detailed account of all scripted actions that transpired between the Server and the Client.


Support Logs

Leverage File Transfer, Communication and Server Logs for troubleshooting purposes.


Alert & Event History

Review Alerts and events generated by system activities.
Review > Job History

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RemoteLink is extremely beneficial to customers that need to move business critical data with a sizable number of distributed client endpoints. As a result, it has been adopted in a wide variety of industries, including:

Public Utility


Restaurant & Hospitality


Our customers rely on RemoteLink to efficiently and reliably move operational data, distribute content, update software and automate routine processes with hundreds or thousands of remote and/or mobile client endpoints.



V.3.0 - 5/1/2018

  • Added - Client Profiles
  • Added - Client Certificates
  • Added - Client Job Type
  • Added - Client Task Type


V.3.0 - 5/1/2018

  • Updated - Script Commands
  • Updated - Database Command Queues
  • Updated - Impersonation Credentials
  • Updated - Send File Group Compression Option